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‘Creativity Has No Boundaries’

Welcome folks, Miko’s Creative corner is a space for sharing Creativity through self-expression. Here is where you’ll find weekly art updates, current affairs, and community-related art, contemporary cultures mixed with a taste of primitive. So let’s get into it. I’ve always believed that creativity has no boundaries, and I stand by this statement. So hear me out… The greatest artists in history never made history … Continue reading ‘Creativity Has No Boundaries’

The importance of community

Community. What does it mean to you? Sitting here, writing on the importance of community fills me with joy. Now more than ever, bringing people together is crucial to the longevity of the earth. Google defines community as ‘a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.‘ For me, Community represents Diversity, Equality, Respect, for peaceful coexistence. Not … Continue reading The importance of community


Some say poetry is the true language of artistry. It’s concise yet abstract use of words to tell a story or convey a message is profoundly beautiful. Finding poetry was finding life’s essence. An obsession with rhythm, rhyme, sound, emotion, used to decipher images, you’d agree my brief description depicts something of a Mona Lisa. It’s power to take you on journeys of unimaginable trial … Continue reading Essence.